I got my hopes up again
I got my hopes up again stories
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I got my hopes up again

I got my hopes up again

Silly me

I was so excited planning every little perfect moment

that I thought we would get

I didn’t even take time to stop and realize the possibility

that maybe we’d never get that far

I shined with happiness, a world without shadows

Everything was how it should be

The night we walked amongst the snowfall

Bitter air wind-sweeping our hair

Laughing about things that don’t matter

Pretending we cared

I couldn’t even feel the freezing evening breeze

I was too busy noticing the way you looked at me

You had the most brilliant smile, I thought

Our nerves bounced off the walls, we radiated fake confidence

I never knew it possible

to fit that much tension in one room

You walked me home, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore

In that moment, my world was so very complete

You held me in your arms, I felt electric

Is it better to live in a dream world

If it makes you happy?

For one night my dreams were actualized

I walked on sunshine across the winter’s snow

Believing I stepped into a summer meadow

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