Wickedly beautiful.
Wickedly beautiful. love stories

bronto Community member
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A second of thought in words.

Wickedly beautiful.

Wickedly beautiful as if the moon birthed her.

Eyes of the sun itself, yellow and bright,

The welcoming touch of soul-shattering marble skin, as if every touch sends shivers of Big Bang scales of pleasure within.

A love within a love, the one true love of everything and it's all within her, a beauty of unknown limits.

All paths leads to her, thoughts are crossed and looked upon with her image as if hanged upon the greatest of walls of walls upon the sincerest painting, with depth of oceanic levels.

She is beauty itself.

Definition concludes her.

A kiss, a hug, a word.

A whisper.

A look.

The Universe creations are a mere blink of beauty in comparison with her.

The Universe is her.

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