Grandfather Fire

Grandfather Fire abstract stories

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Grandfather Fire

Nursed apparition in their nasal passion plant Menacing beneath them filtered pillaring at glance Hekura drilling Stealing middle manifest Will the neighbor with dysfunction let a cunning slither past?

The silk amber smear of mire makes marvel comatose Like phantasmal readings off the sunshine digital, fiddling fingers generations away Flourishing forth from nostril needles, beryl thick in male leadership The ooze cultivation medicate mild mortals alike

Sweet renderings celestial, rest on retinal relapse Collapsed, battle clasped with simulated stabs Always fevering collusions convoluted myriad

The Palindrome Mitigated imagination past the floundering of home Binding sins of coercion An assertion that perverted palace fortune forever shown

Hedonistic Heroines Plump from dilated drips of swift equipped entitlements But stiffened violin, defied entrance Eroding iridescent ethereal so swell swollen

The thin veil of haze like sluggish fog, summer set Pro concluded in their pupils pre-producing winners wed For all that seems evading Are they waiting in a beggar’s bet? With that which sees forbidden is forgiven…shrill bewilderment

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