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This is to you The person whom is never meant to read this

Dream on fire

This is to you

The person whom is never meant to read this

You sir have touched me in ways no one else is able

Melted and molded

Pushed and pulled

For this I must thank you

You have reignited my flame

Though it may never be yours to hold

I’m but a flicker in your eyes

Still present though

And able to fuel this fire

I all but dare you to get closer

feel the heat as I do

Be tempted and torn away

To gaze from afar but never see

To feel but not be felt

yearn for touch

You reach so deeply into me

And pull from the abyss a gift

This special flame

Not yours to keep, and not mine to share

But never the less i know it will appear

And though the night it is dark

Stifling the light

I try as I might to find tinder

The fire continues to fall flat

I stubble in the grey


Hitting the ground

Feeling the dirt underneath my skin

I close my eyes

I reach for a hand

Opening my eyes i drown into the brown

Fire once again stirring

I feel you close

Then you are far

Then it is dark

Then it is cold

Then I am alone

Then I wake up

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