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She can't picture the future Its no longer there


She can't picture the future

Its no longer there

She's had about

All the pain she can bare

She thinks about it every day

The release

The escape

As she let's go of that pain

She looks at the bottle

With a tear in her eye

She swallows them all

As she breathes a sigh

With one simple act

She disappears from sight

All alone

On that cool fall night

No one notices

Or seems to care

Its seems just like

She was never there

Who was this girl

One may ask

Someone that peoples attention

Seems to pass

She won't be missed

She won't be morned

She was just a girl

Alone in her own world

Not a tear was shed

Or a flower brought

As they lower her casket

Into the vault

As they cover her grave

One last shovel of dirt

No more pain

No more hurt

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