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Winter $ucks

A Summer Soul

Letters fall off my pen into place

It’s summer so everything makes sense

Except that I'm stuck in a town far away from paradise where nothing ever happens.

If I die here I’ll kill myself

Winter is through yet I am distracted by the chilling misery of real life

Those winter weeks of lonely Siberian eternity

Eternity's not so long, it's only forever and everything after that

The beams melt my frozen imagination and pulse through my blood

Back then summer was so long days melted together and sun flushed faces would smile back at you

Oh summer with her daisyed glow. How she moves with brilliant friction and eases the long frigid night

Winter is over and nothing is more delightful

The dusk lite harmony of the setting sun colors the sky with bliss

I tune into the orange fantasy that stretches the deep forever sky

I can almost smell the sweet citrus’ that tickle my senses

Can these warm afternoons stay? Can the crispy youth of spring forever guide nature’s mother into maturity?

I succumb to the humid harmony and let it sing through my frostbitten body

I rest my mind into the fresh Algonquin waters

And my body into the blue forever sky

I lay still as it soaks into my soul and the rays kiss my surface

Perhaps heaven is here. Not above. Not somewhere on earth. Right here in this exact moment, under these wonderful summer circumstances

I want to know when the next winter will come. So I never go there.

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