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brittneyst An underconfident mess.
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Poetry part 1


The thought of bettering oneself

For myself and others

Became so frightening

It produced great fear

From the bottom of my heart

To the tips of my eyelashes.

Frustration then ensued

When times of self-betterment

Were shrunken down

To pieces of dust

And the wind evidently

Washed all hope away.

People want to believe

They will be alright

If they only forget

The purpose of living

And the purpose of


People don't want to change

Who they are

Until the time to change

Becomes either

Inevitable or


I am one who

Fell down a destructive


I want to change it

But now realize

I can't.

I want to backtrack

And undue all the things

I now wish I never did

Throughout my life

To get me here

To this point.

But sometimes life

Doesn't give you

Second chances

And you have to live

With the deadly


Now all I do

With my time

Is sit around

And cry

For neglecting who

I was.

I want to go back

And change

What I have done

Because I now realize

I was lucky

And young.

Growing older

I look in the mirror

And I wonder

How life could go

So horribly wrong

For me.

I'm told to have hope

But it does not change

The obvious fact

I am in a

Constant battle

Against myself.

Past bad habits resurface as

The ways of current life

For me.

But there's nothing

I can do


I then continue

To look into that mirror,

A reflection of me

And my life,

And say:


Yet in that mirror

Of lost hope

And past demons,

My reflection cannot

Sympathize enough

With my pain.

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