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brittanica_june “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals"
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Collab with @hurricane482

You're Beautiful~

This is a collab with my best friend in the whole wide world of Existence, hurricane482 we wanted to let all of you know just how beautiful you all actually are.

Hurricane: Roses are red Violets are blue It makes me so mad You don't believe you're beautiful too Come on be honest with your self and I You are beautiful for the rest of time

Me: Beautiful you say? Beautiful you lie don't tell me you're ugly you're wasting my time beautiful you are no matter what Beautiful heart, smile, just laugh with us

Hurricane: Come on my darlings Come on my dears Please oh please listen If you have ears to hear each one of you is beautiful from the inside to the out I don't care if you feel pretty Because you are I have no doubt

Me: Whether you have a big forehead or eyes to close together whether you're skinny or round curly hair or straight I promise you're beautiful forever and always

I'm going to start this as a series if I can if anyone else wants to collab with me over the topic "Beauty" I'll gladly do it Have a beautiful day sugar!

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