I can't wait for your Arrival
I can't wait for your Arrival stories

brittanica_june “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals"
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For my soon to-be-daughter Yes I'm 17 turning 18, though she wasnt planned for shes a good surprise ^^

I can't wait for your Arrival

One of these days you'll be in my arms

I'll hold you close and protect you from the world

You'll be mine and mine alone, Though you're father left

I'll give you all the love that He'll be missing

Katara you are going to be something absolutely special

I cant wait for the day you're born and I can hold you close,

Tell you how much I love you

Though you're giving me a run for my money right now

I already love you, and I cant wait till you get to be in my arms

I cant wait for the amount of support you're coming into

My best friend and her boyfriend have already promised to be god parents

And you're going to make us so proud One day

I love you and I'll see you in February ^^

A/N: If you cant tell I'm having a baby!

I'm excited to a point I cant even explain, I'm naming her after my ex-girlfriend who died last year,

Her sister @hurricane482 already promised to be a god momma and I swear this baby is going to be so flippin supported it wont even be funny ^^

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