Tigers Aren't What You Think
Tigers Aren't What You Think animal advocacy stories

brilindcommaacc A fierce someone can still be kind
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Tigers aren't what you think they are...

Tigers Aren't What You Think

People say and think, Bad things about tigers, When I try to explain they won't even blink.

This is what they say, No matter what I do, People still have it their way,

My opinion is not, What you'll see on the next page, It holds a part of some people's thoughts,

Tigers are evil, King killers, And cruel,

Evil creatures that kill, Innocent creatures, Die against their will,

Sharp claws, Strong teeth, A creature that lives without rules or laws,

But no, I disagree, I tell you the truth, All tigers and wild animals are meant to be free,

A tiger may anger and harm even humankind, And how they are detested and considered bad, But as long as you are nice to them you will find,

They are not mean but sometimes kind, You can look at them in the zoo and they won't mind, Imagine if YOU were to replace them in the zoo,

Sometimes they are even cute, Purring like cats, Little tigers to you we salute,

So treat them well, Be so kind, Never kill them for hide to sell,

And they'll pay, You back greatly, In their own way.

So remember not all tigers are bad at all.

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