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brigitakerytCommunity member
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To those hurt by the destructive force of white privilege.


by bri

In this moment in time

With the teardrops in your eyes, Should I say something encouraging Something to clear your skies?

Should I tell you to "be happy"?

Should I ask you about your dreams? Should I say that "it'll pass", That "you just got to believe"?

But the world is not that pretty

No its not that great. Even if you fight it, It'll just drain your life away.

Since we are all so petty

Since we only see the flaws, Since we derogate our people, And we only seek for wars.

No, I'm not trying to discourage.

I'm not saying you should quit. But the truth is that we're helpless, That we're falling to abyss.

This all may sound so awful

Like the point of no return. That with privilege we're born with, We're just wasting life itself.

But we ARE the ones responsible

For this traitorous (not so) little act. We let our minds get rotten, From the power of the hate.

So how about we stop it?

How about we quit? How about we destroy it, This bottomless abyss?

Now, don't say that its ridiculous.

Don't tell me that you can't. Its all so very easy, All you need to do is HELP.

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nataliafltCommunity member
5 months ago
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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I did like the flow of your verses. You passed to us the message of hope if we help. That is an awesome message. White privilege is a controversial topic. I am an old white man living in Texas. I am a recipient of white privilege. Not one of my white peers will admit to its existence. I cannot apologize for it because I did ask for it.I believe​ that someday, we will be treated with respect and dignity.