Monstrous Confusion
Monstrous Confusion infamous second son stories
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brighami Just a girl writing fan-fiction.
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This is a fanfiction about Protocreed. A combination of Assassin's Creed and Prototype. But beware, that doesn't mean that they are the only two fandoms in here. MxM, suggestive themes, and mild language. (Possible gore but unlikely.)

Monstrous Confusion

Alex had been running through the city, scaling the sides of the buildings and scaring the ever living crap out of - not only the people in them - but himself as well, he couldn’t stop.

He kept looking over his shoulder and breathing heavy, almost hyperventilating.

“What the hell is going on with me?” he continued running until he tripped and stumbled, causing himself to fall onto the ground with a rather loud thud.

He slowly rose to his feet and groaned quietly, as he did this, he looked around making sure his surroundings were still clear.

Not many people were out for how late it was and he knew he wouldn’t be spotted for awhile at least.

Hopefully he could get these powers or whatever they were to function correctly before morning or anyone else spotted him. He moved down an ally and bumped into another person.

“Oh, shit sorry I-” as he was apologizing he looked at the man he bumped into and was silent for a moment, his eyes were golden almost. He shook his head clear and began to walk around the man.

“I’ll head out of your way.” The other man was silent for a bit before speaking.

“Are you okay? You seem freaked out, like you saw a ghost or something.

Do you need some help?” He put his hand on Alex’s shoulder and Alex froze before turning his head and looking over his shoulder at this stranger.

The stranger seemed to tense for a moment but then calmed rather quickly.

Alex didn’t know what had freaked out the stranger, he wasn’t the one who was being prohibited to walk because someone was holding his shoulder!

“Maybe take some deep breaths, calm down a little, huh?” He tilted his head to the side, was this man showing sincere concern about his well being?

He didn’t know what Alex was so that might be why. Hell, Alex didn’t know what Alex was. Before the man could say anything else, Alex ripped his shoulder free of his grasp.

“I’m fine. And I didn’t see a ghost.” He put his hands in his pockets, taking a deep breath and calming himself a bit. “Can’t see the ghost if you are the ghost. . .

” He murmured under his breath before walking away. Alex still couldn’t bring himself to understand why the man was so intent on helping him but he continued on his way.

He couldn’t stop to dwell on it for too long. Things were about to go to shit, he could feel it in his bones.

As he continued walking he spotted something familiar but just as he was going to investigate, men in black suits of armor began walking over.

He began backing up, knowing fully well that these men were not looking to make friends. Their weapons were already drawn and he hadn’t even done anything yet.

One of the men raised his weapon to shoot.


” He called out but, before the bullet could escape the gun, something - no someone - dropped down from the rooftops and killed the one armed man by snapping his neck,

then just as quick let it’s arm come up and stab the man with the gun aimed in the throat before the man could fire.

As the man stared at Alex, his eyes slowly draining of life, he mouthed something but then dropped to the ground as the figure let him slide off the blade.

The blade retracted into the figure’s sleeve and the night was silent once more.

Alex couldn’t remove his eyes from the figure as it slowly lifted it’s head to reveal the same golden eyed man from before.

Alex began to back up again but the man spoke, freezing him in his tracks.

“So you are Alex Mercer. Hm, I expected more but I suppose this will do.” He walked over and held out his hand that wasn’t covered in blood.

“My name is Desmond and I have some friends who have been looking for you.” Alex stood in place, stunned for a moment but slowly let his hand reach into Desmond’s.

“Nice to meet you, I suppose.” He replied before taking his hand away and putting it back into his pocket. Desmond eyed the man for a bit before turning his back to him.

“Let’s go then, they aren’t known to be patient.” He looked from side to side then down the road. “It shouldn’t take too long to get there, especially with the powers you possess now.

” Alex looked at the man before looking away, he had been hoping no one had seen him stumbling about with these abilities. Alex bit his lip before following this man.

Desmond quickly scaled the side of the building and then awaited Alex upon the rooftop.

Alex hesitated before climbing but soon enough he was walking up the side of the building with no problems, he chuckled nervously.

“Hey, Hey Desmond, look! I am doing it!

I’m working with these pow-” before he could finish his sentence he almost fell from the building but Desmond reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt.

Alex was silent as he looked into Desmond’s eyes and was pulled up to the top of the building.

“Might not want to brag yet, bud.” Desmond then took off running, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Alex was hesitant now but quickly followed in suit.

“Make sure to keep up, I don’t want to have to come back for you.” Alex began to pick up his pace and worked rather hard to get himself to go faster without fear of falling.

That was easier said than done when Desmond took a rather large leap from one building to another. Alex slowly came to a stop at the edge. “Come on, Alex!” Desmond called across.

Alex bit his lip a bit before backing up and then took off, running then leaping, and boy did he leap. He was halfway across the other building before he landed and rolled on the roof for a bit.

He then looked at Desmond from his position on the ground. Desmond shook his head before walking over and offering the other man his hand. “Good. Keep up now.

” As Alex stood with Desmond’s help he could feel his confidence growing, even just the smallest bit was better than what he had currently.

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