Through Hell and Back
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I don't think I have anymore optimism left in me...

Through Hell and Back

I've gone through so much.

More than any sixteen year old should go through.

It's torn me down, and I had to learn to get back up.

It's pushed me away from everything and I had to learn to find my way back

It's showed me that not everyone has good intentions, and I had to learn to close myself off.

Because after a while, you can't bear any more pain from ones you once held close.

The hell I've been through is unimaginable and something I have to block out since I've been through it time and time again.

So many times, in fact, that I should have memorized the way I get out of that excruciating​ hell.

But I don't. I never have and probably never will

I still fall into depressive states or anxious tendencies when life rears its head at me.

I could be optimistic like I usually am, but I don't think I have any more optimism left in me...

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