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You hurt me, but I try to understand why you did it. I may never know, but that doesn't stop me from trying...

Trying to Understand

by briestories

I may not fully understand why you did it, but that gives you no excuse to come back into my life.

I remember the moment you broke my trust. The exact moment all of those special times we shared were gone and now down the drain in a matter of seconds.

Understanding this is something I struggle with each day.

I've come to the realization that I'll never know, but I still try.

I still try to understand why you did what you did and what drove you to do that.

I can live without those explanations, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know.

It's become lonely without you. Something I used to be very accustomed to, but with you it went away.

Now that you're away, it's back.

Understanding is that nagging voice in my head that tries to take up for you. It gives me a reason to let you back into my life.

It makes me want to forget about all the things you've done for me and make up an excuse for them.

I won't and I never will. You drove yourself to that destination. You drove yourself away from me, when all I've ever done is stand by you.

Understanding isn't something that's easy, but I get closer and closer to it each and every day.

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