Out There (Part One)
Out There (Part One) anxiety stories

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Putting yourself out there...Not the best thing for your anxiety.

Out There (Part One)

by briestories

The moon shines on us both and the grass is whispering while the wind blows.

As silence fills the air, I stand there trying to look at anything but him.

"I love you."

That phrase that I've been wanting to say for forever finally slipped out.

I've finally told him and he just takes his sweet time to respond.

All the while, my anxiety is shooting through the roof.

The seconds feel like agonizing years.

I bite my lip and start fidgeting my hands.

It takes every part of me to not play it off as a joke or run away.

My head floods with different scenarios and outcomes this could have.

He clears his throat and that small voice in my head is screaming.

It's telling me to run or say something.

I try everything, but it doesn't subside.

And as my anxiety has grown I force myself to look up at him.

He looks into my eyes and says, "I..."

To be continued...

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