Dark, Dark Nights
Dark, Dark Nights night stories

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No ending till morning and no beginning​ till night.

Dark, Dark Nights

by briestories

The night is a terrible thing for me.

Lots of deep thoughts.

Dark ones as well.

Alone in my room with no one around.

My mind wanders to places I wish it didn't.

Terrible thoughts cloud my judgement and perspective.

Insults ring through my head.

I wish I could escape it.

I wish I could run from it.

But where would I hide when darkness is all around.

Instead I'm forced to wait it out.

And each night I pray that the morning will come faster.

I pray that the next night would be different from this one.

But it never is.

It's this vicious cycle that holds on.

There is no ending until morning and no start until night.

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