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Sometimes your "friends" can leave you with no explanation. Making you feel alone...


by briestories

I believed everything you said and ignored the mean remarks.

I trusted you and leaned on you when I needed you the most.

Now I stand here all alone.

We laughed, smiled, and cried together.

Now when I think of you I only do the latter.

I sit here wondering what I did wrong.

What made you just leave me alone?

I'll probably never know, but that doesn't stop me from breaking down every moment we shared.

I've examined our time together over and over again.

Like I was rereading a book.

But I still came up empty handed.

I cry at the memory of us because now we are no more.

All of that time and energy that I wasted.

All those times you led me on.

Would I do it again if I knew the outcome?

That terrible, terrible outcome of my being here alone.

I can't say if it was for the best. I'll never know.

Just like I'll never know what decided to make you feel like you should just leave me alone.

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