Actions Cut Deeper Than Words
Actions Cut Deeper Than Words bullet stories

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Your words didn't leave a scar, but your actions did.

Actions Cut Deeper Than Words

Your words tore through me.

Slowly ripping through me.

I didn't feel it at first.

Adrenaline pumping through me at a rate faster than the speed of light.

I didn't feel it until you finished talking.

And those words were a punch and a kick, but the bullet came next.

You didn't fire the gun when you spoke or even when you finished.

No, the bullet came when you left.

It came out of nowhere​, catching me off guard.

But that bullet shot at me in slow motion.

I felt it for the first month.

Then it went away, but it always comes back every once in a while.

Just to remind me that that wound will never fully heal.

And I'll always have a scar...

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