thank you for being an asshole.
thank you for being an asshole.  love stories

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thank you for being an asshole.

by brieflyfelt

Thank you for being an asshole…

thank you for first putting me in the most fragile position I’ve ever been in. getting you what you wanted...

a stupid ass self-confidence boost and then good damn leaving me empty handed…

“ oh yea I still have it…33 and turned a lesbian “straight” for me”

I cant fucking believe I confessed my love for you and then you 2 weeks after went back to that girl…

The girl that went and messaged some fake ass dude to just hook up to get you jealous.


Some how she’s still better than me.

It’s the most “dick-mentality” way of thinking…

but thank you for making me realize my worst way of thinking…believing it would be me and you...

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