Religion related sinning
Religion related sinning gay stories
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brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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this is a poem about being gay, to leave behind the man above and to realize that theres a just as good world..without god

Religion related sinning

by brieflyfelt

That one random girl was the beginning to my religion related sinning; her smell, her smile and her eyes left my world spinning.

Her taste, her love and her body made me feel a joy like constantly winning.

The spinning I feel when a girl, two girls, three girls and I are sinning, is so addicting and just feel like home.

At home in random beds, The way an actor feels at home on different movies sets.

Never feel like a guest but someone that’s on a quest.

To conquer the worlds many beds, and to be the best.

So thank you random girl, for teaching me religion related sinning, and to just give a fuck about god and if i ,in his eyes, am sinning.

It’s way more fun, when my world is spinning and I leave beds with joy and the feeling of winning.

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