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brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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by brieflyfelt

now you’re just going to be categorized as a girl I’m going to miss. and an awkward smile will form on my lips when im asked if there ever happened more than just a kiss.

embarrassingly going to lie and shake my head when im being asked if you’re really worth my miss.

your mistake, you will realize with the next Friday booze, but it’s what you choose. and it hurts, thats’re going to lose.

apparently my mind was not something you find under the category “amuse”.

my mind sees your rejection as pure abuse. my mind tells me your interest in me was just for a potential future late night use.

It hurts to see the green dot, I’ve thought about the common facebook block. I think about how awkward it would be if we met at the cross walk. will I have the courage to walk across.

or will I embarrassingly ignore and find the next cross walk.

when I see the green dot I just wanna do a shot. I catch myself in the act wanting to write “so whats up”, thinking “hold up”. she wanted it to stop…so I just suck it up.

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