Dear cancer.
Dear cancer. sickness stories
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brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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Dear cancer.

by brieflyfelt

This is not a poem

because you...

you don’t deserve the joy, the world and the feelings a poem give to me.

This is just me telling you about how I feel about you and your frightening appeal

Because you left my brother, my family and I powerless, sad, distressed, and having no energy to just get dressed.

My house, that were supposed to feel like the relationship between a bird and its nest, were like a constant mess.

Luckily you’ve left.

But I’m frightened by your unstoppable quest to make another appearance as a houseguest in another house out west.

Could you please just stop your constant need for an alpha test?


- a very very very frightened victim of cancer close by.

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