Can I be your shot of tequila ?
Can I be your shot of tequila ? love stories

brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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Can I be your shot of tequila ?

by brieflyfelt

Can I be your shot of tequila, that you run down to the get at local bar “VELA”? Taste and feel for you like the health fanatic constant need for stevia.

Could I be the person you long for to conceal ya, and the one you one day hope will kneel for ya.

I wanna know that heart and if it's a thing I can steal. Steal and keep as my most priced possession

One I can unwrap in those “bedroom door closed” sessions,

where I can photograph every one of your sexual expressions, and you’ll scream for my fingers attention, like a teenage girl and her teenage idol obsession.

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