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Addicted to You!

by brieflyfelt

Its late again…we’re making out again.. Your lips taste different this time… much softer this time. Is it because this time we drank cherry beer, not wine?

Or is it my cherry Chap Stick I let your slender fingertips apply on your full lips, as I watched biting my own lip.

its different this time… am I more addicted this time? the answers yes this time. but to what is it this time? that I can not pin point.

Is it your blue eyes that shine so sad when you tell me about your dad this time? The same beautiful blue eyes I drowned in the first time.

Is it the smell of your cigs that you so talented rolled between your soft fingertips? those am eager to have all over me…even more inside of me.

I’ve never rolled a cig…until tonight.

It was a cheap trick to let me stare at those lips, and to let you touch me as you corrected my eager fingertips.

tips I want all over you… even more inside of you.

or is it your shyness you show me each time I tell you how beautiful you are? the way you look away and let your soft cheeks blush?

those same red cheeks you get right after I finish with you. those same red cheeks you got the first time I kissed you.

Is it your body that you cover with clothes that’s too big for you? the body… my body, ill only let intertwine with you. I don’t know…all I know is that I’m addicted to you.

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