a desperate try
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brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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this is just a desperate try to find my creative side.

a desperate try

by brieflyfelt

this is a desperate try to get something back i forgot by your side. i previously said in a poem "im taking a break from you".

but this decision to take a break from you , took up all my time. and i forgot the most important thing i have. i in pure forgetfulness forgot my creativity to write poetry.

because all i cared about was making sure that i was fine, but more importantly that you where fine..that you wouldn't mind that i was taking a break from you.

i woke up one morning realizing, that since i started my break from you, i havn't put down a single idea,that i have inside my mind, on a piece of paper.

it has kept me on the edge, making me no longer feel blessed. and instead i would constantly be in this sate of mind, that the professionals calls "stressed"

so this is a desperate try to get over this stress and to find my creative side, to no longer have my mind on standby.

im not even going to call it creative writing.. its obvious its just random words i'm desperately typing.

this is just a desperate try to find my creative side. in this search for my poetry love, and im not going to stop im going to keep on fighting.

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