irritate isolate and eradicate
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rambles of depression frustrations

irritate isolate and eradicate

I can always tell when it's getting bad again.

It almost always begins with that dull ache for something real.

Staring into nothing, hoping to find exactly what your soul is craving.

But you only see fog and flickers of light here and there, teasing visibility.

Stepping forward, everything is louder, heavier, it's so noisy.

It feels like every nerve in my body is hyper sensitive.

Don't touch me. Don't move too quick. Don't chew your food. Stop talking.

Stop talking.

Stop fucking talking.

My body takes over my mind, the irritability overwhelms my season.

I'm so angry. Leave me alone. Give me SPACE.

I'm sorry, I love you.

But don't fucking touch me.

I can't be near you.

Please don't leave me.

Shut the door. I need quiet. I'm alone.

And then it's silent, and I hear my own voice curse at me.

You can't control this contentious behaviour.

You're out of control.

You're spiraling, don't you see?

Why don't you just eradicate the situation?

Put an end to it.

An end to it?

I can always tell when it's getting bad again.

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