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The story of how I snuck into my childhood home from 14 years ago. I moved away when I was 8. I'm in a constant state of nostalgia now, and I can't explain otherwise what I'm feeling. My sister and I are thinking of going back because after showing them to our other siblings and parents, we realized how awesome it would be to get pictures of the angles we remember seeing. From a childs point of view and a video house tour. SO MANY FEELINGS.

june 23 2018

home sweet home

Have you ever revisited the home you grew up in, years and years later?

Have you driven past it dozens of times, slowing down to see what's changed?

Or what hasn't changed?

Have you thought about it from time to time?

Have you pictured yourself as a child running through the kitchen, skimming the counter for snacks?

Or maybe you think about someone else drinking from the same tap you would stick your head under for a drink on a hot day.

Have you ever revisited the home you grew up in?

I have. Today.

I drove past my childhood home, where I had moved away from 14 years ago.

My head flooded with pictures of the past, my sister looked at me, adventure in her eyes.

We slowed down, noticing the barn completely gone, the gardens sad, pieces of memories.

I pulled into the lane, more flashbacks of biking up and down the lane and making snowmen in the front yard.

Our excitement grew as we noticed the house was vacant.

No one lives there.

It's empty.

We took a tour around the outside of the house.

Puzzled and shocked at how different but the same that everything looks.

The same tree is there, but no swings, no tree house, no picnic table.

But more confusing is how SMALL everything was.

The last time I saw this place, I was 8 and small, which meant the world was big.

The backyard is much smaller. The shed is closer to the house. The porch is tiny. The doorknob is unlocked.

The doorknob. Is. Unlocked.

My heart raced and I squealed with excitement as I walked into my old home.

I couldn't believe it.

So many things the same, maybe some small changes, no more green shag carpet.

I took pictures of things I remembered and of each room, reminiscing with sis from room to room.

Our adrenaline pumping, from excitement, scared someone would catch us, and so many emotions juggling, we toured the entire house as fast as we could.

Seeing my old bedroom was the weirdest.

It was much smaller than I remembered.

Everything was.

We got out of the house as fast we could, taking pictures along the way.

Saying goodbye to memories, good and bad, we drove down the lane again.

Maybe for the last time.

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