February Flurry
February Flurry  glbtq stories

briarmoon New England LGBTQ+ poet.
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O' February flurry Please scurry, hurry!

February Flurry

O' February flurry

Please scurry, hurry!

Worry be gone! Let the spell subside...

I'm running out of places to hide.

Sitting atop a gravestone, a black cat

Transforms into a twisted witch's hat

Left in the cemetery from All Hallows' Eve -

Is a druid hiding behind the maple tree?

Graffiti arrows point up this rusty city fire escape

Where a blue question mark is sprayed on a window, draped;

Do I break the glass to reveal what's inside?

My deflating scarlet balloon quickly descends and sighs.


I decided to cut my bloodline a long time ago.

The fetus in my pickled jar will never know

Of vermilion hearts taped to storefront displays,

Or the malaise that shrouds my clouded pane.

Home, pink and red confetti sparkling on the front stairs

Hint of romance in the misty Valentine air.

Alas, the glitter bursts away with a hurried gust;

Beware the winking Ides of March if you must!

O' February flurry

Please hurry, scurry!

Burden be gone! Let the fluster subside -

I've run out of places to hide.

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