Regaining Strength
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Being strong is an ability most desire The ones who lead and has the power

Regaining Strength

Being strong is an ability most desire

The ones who lead and has the power

Taking care of those in need and protecting from those who are for greed

But being strong has its downfall, you cannot be soft and show it all

The pressure from the weight of everyone around you can be too much to bare.

As you lay, no one is there.

Because you were a pillar of strength, to those who thought they were weak.

Lifting the ceiling and keeping the tides calm to help and protect your fellows in arms.

But once you crumble, they do not know what to do, their source of strength is gone and you are now like them, someone to be scorned.

But here's the thing about strength, it doesn't just go away.

It's still inside, ready to play.

The strong know what they can do, lifting, throwing and pulling on through.

Their strength is envied and are targeted by those who want it the most.

Undermining your abilities with every breath, their conniving methods knows no depths.

For a chance to be at the top, their vampiric craving is all too much.

Like that of King Kong but what they don't know is that they have it all wrong.

They will never have the admiration they so desperately seek because their insecurities is what makes them weak.

Like a disease, it spreads from person to person, the only way they know how to control is through manipulation.

Twisting your minds, you don't even know how you look from the outside in, making you their brotherin as they pull your string.

You are better than this, I saw it in you. From one strong person to another, they are beneath you.

It doesn't matter in the end, they will be their own undoing as they will be stuck in the endless looping.

Breaking free from the chain is the strength you need to gain.

They will be forgotten but everyone will remember your name.

As you rise on up, your strength regained and you take your position, once again, on the centre stage.

This time for a new purpose, this time to gain, knowing your better than your pain.

That is strength, that is determination, having the will to go above your station.

Having the courage to try something new, you never know what's coming too.

Believing in yourself is what you need to master, if you want to be remembered in your finest hour.

Bravery is a trait not everyone possesses but is one everyone can possess.

Close your eyes, take a breath and remember, you are the best.

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