My name is Maya Anderson. Daniel Seavey is my best friend and I have feelings for him, but never told him. He moved away last summer to LA. And now I’m moving there because of my dad’s job.
My name is Maya Anderson. Daniel Seavey is my best friend and I have feelings for him, but never told him. He moved away last summer to LA. And now I’m moving there because  of my dad’s job. whydontwe stories

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POV means: point of view
Trance means: a half-conscious person

And if you have suggestions, don't be shy to tell me. *smiles*

My name is Maya Anderson. Daniel Seavey is my best friend and I have feelings for him, but never told him. He moved away last summer to LA. And now I’m moving there because of my dad’s job.

(My POV) Today’s finally the day. Moving day! I can’t wait to get out of that terrible school. Ever since Daniel left to Los Angeles, school has been getting worse. I got bullied and had no one, but now I’m moving and looking forward to leaving my past behind me.

Dad: « Ready to go sweetie? » Maya: « So ready to get out of this place! » We walked out of the house and drove to the airport. The flight was fine, I slept the whole time. As we got off the plane, I thought I saw Daniel but I’m imagining things...right?

We drove to our new house which was surprisingly in Beverly Hills. Maya: « ARE YOU SERIOUS?! This place is huge! » Dad: « The office picked it out, but I’m not gonna be spending too much time here. » Maya: « Unfortunately .» Dad: « Why don’t you get unpacked? »

I walked to my room with all my stuff. My room was amazing, it was so pretty. I unpacked and went to bed since it was late.

(My POV) The next day, I walked downstairs to find a note on the counter from my dad saying: "Have a good day sweetie. I left for work, but I’ll see you soon tonight." I decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast. I drove to the grove and found Starbucks. I got my drink and was about to leave until I heard girls screaming.

Fangirl 1: « OMG, IT’S WHY DON’T WE!!! » Fangirl 2: « ZACH, JACK, JONAH, CORBYN, AND DANIEL! OVER THERE! » My head perked up when I heard that name. But then a fan bumped into me. Person: « Guys, watch where you’re going. You just knocked into this girl. »

He helped me up, and when we met eyes, those damn blue ocean eyes. Everything came back to me... Daniel... Daniel Seavey.

(Daniel’s POV) I was at the airport waiting for Zach to arrive to Los Angeles. Once we met up, I thought I saw my best friend, Maya. But it couldn’t be...right? Until today... Thank god for that fangirl who bumped into her or else, I probably would have never saw her again.

(My POV) Daniel: « Maya?! » Maya: « Dani?! » We hugged. Daniel: « I missed you! » Maya: « I missed you too Dani! » Daniel: « I’m sorry about them, and your shirt... » Maya: « ... It’s okay. »

Daniel: « Want to come back to our house? I could give one of my shirts. It could also give us time to catch up. » Maya: « I don’t wanna bother you. » Daniel: « No no, it’s okay. We were just leaving anyways. » Person: « No, we were gonna get Starbucks and then leave. » Daniel: « Oh, this is Jonah. Jonah, Maya. Maya, Jonah. »

Jonah: « Ohhh... is this Maya, the girl you... » Daniel: « ...Let’s just go get our drinks and go. » I couldn’t help but wonder what Jonah was gonna say, but oh well. Then we went into Starbucks...

(My POV) Daniel: « Here, take my hoodie for now. » I put it over my wet shirt. Maya: « Thanks. » There were 3 other boys with us who I didn't know. Maya: « Umm... Mind telling me who those guys are? » Jonah: « Oh, that's Zach, Jack, and Corbyn. » He pointed to each of them.

Maya; « Well hello, I'm Maya. » Zach came up to me and whispered in my ear: "Daniel talks a lot about a girl named Maya, is your last name Anderson?" I nodded. Zach: « Nice to know. » Jack: « Have you been in Los Angeles a while? » Maya: « No, I moved here yesterday actually. *laughs* »

Jack: « You have a pretty laugh. » I blushed and saw Daniel, in the corner of my eye, tension up. Maya: « Thank you. *smiles* »

(Daniel's POV) Jack started to flirt with Maya and I didn't like it. I clenched my fists and started to tension up. I think Maya noticed and Jonah definitely did. Jonah: « Hey, are you okay? » He whispered to me. Daniel: « Yeah... » Jonah: « I know you don't like Jack flirting with her. You need to tell her... »

Daniel: « I can't, she probably doesn't feel the same. » Jonah: « Yeah.. Okay sure, lover boy. Did you see the way her eyes lit up when she saw you? » Daniel: « They did?! » Jonah: « Mmmh... Tell her!! » Daniel: « We just met again after a year of being completely apart. Give it some time. » Jonah: « It's your decision, lover boy. »

(Jack's POV) Maya was amazing. I loved her laugh. That smile and that personality. DAMN! I see why Daniel always talk about how great she is. I'm pretty sure he has a mega crush on her, but whatever... I like Maya even though I just met her...

(Daniel's POV) I realized that she left with my hoodie on and I smiled to myself. I'm so happy I found her and that we're talking. I went on my phone and was looking for her number until...

Jonah: « Texting her already, lover boy? » Daniel: « I don't like that nickname. And yes, yes I am. » Jonah: « *laughs* You're crazy 'bout this girl, aren't you? » Daniel: « A little bit, why? » Jonah: « Well if you can't see, Jack likes her too. So you'll have competition. » Daniel: « Uhh, whatever. He knows I like her , he wouldn't do that... Would he? »

Jonah: « That's for you to find out. » After he left , I went to my room and found Maya's number in my contact...

(Daniel's POV) {TEXTING MAYA} - Hey, it's Daniel. - Hey Dani, what's up? - I was wondering if you would want to come over tomorrow and swim with us? - Yeah, sure. 1 o'clock sounds? -Perfect

I fell back onto my bed and let out a breath of air that I didn't know I was holding in. "DAMN' AM I LUCKY!!" I said out loud

(My POV) I got home and went to my room. I changed out of my damp shirt and put a new one and Daniel's hoodie back on. I got a text from Daniel. [5 minutes later] "DAMN, AM I LUCKY!! I said out loud. I get to see Daniel Seavey shirtless and his friends too.

(Daniel's POV) I walked downstairs to find all the boys playing Fortnite. Daniel: «Hey guys, Maya's coming over tomorrow to swim.» Corbyn: « Oh cool. » He said without paying attention. Jack: « We get to see in swimsuit?! » Corbyn and Zach: « Ewww... You nasty! »

Daniel: « Ummm... Yeah, why? » Jack: « She's hot, dude. I can see why you like her .» Daniel: « What?! I don't like her. » That's a lie, straght up lie. Everyone turned and looked at me

Daniel: « What?! I don't! » Lying again. Zach: « Yeah, okay Daniel. » Daniel: « Whatever. » I walked to my room to think about tomorrow.

[Next day] (My POV) I got myself ready to go to the WDW house. I put on a bikini and a coverup over it. I drove over, in case I stayed later so I wouldn't have to walk in the dark.

(Daniel's POV) It was almost time for Maya to come over. I was watching TV on the couch until I heard a knock on the door. I sprang up from my seat thinking it was Maya and opened the door. As soon as I saw her smile and that ugly face, I attempted to slam the door shut but she stopped it with her foot.

(My POV) I got out of my car and started to walk to the door until I heard yelling. Daniel: « GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!! » Person: « Didn't you miss me, Dani? » Daniel: « NO! GET AWAY' BIANCA! » Maya: « Who's Bianca? » Daniel and Bianca turned to me.

Bianca: « Oh, Dani invited me over. My baby's so sweet. » Maya: « Baby? Daniel, I didn't know you have a girlfriend. » Daniel: « No no no! She's my ex and I didn't invite her over. She walked into my house. » Maya: « Oh, well then. Brittany is it? » Bianca: « *rolls eyes* Bianca. » Maya: « I think you should leave Dani alone. »

Bianca: « And why would I do that? It's not like you're dating. *laughs* You could never det someone as good as Dani. » I need to think of something fast. So I grabbed Daniel's hand. Maya: « Please leave. Dani and I were about to go on a date. » Daniel looked at me and raised his eyebrow, so I shoved his arm. Daniel: « Oh yeah. We were just about to leave »

Bianca: « *crosses arms* Prove it. » Sh*t. No, do we have to kiss? I mean yes I get to kiss him, but I don't want it to be forced... Just then, Daniel grabbed my chin and pushed his lips on mine...

(My POV) Our lips moved in sync. We pulled away, but then we looked into each other's eyes and went back for more. Bianca: « Ummm... I'm gonna go now. » She walked away. Daniel and I started to to get into a heated make out session.

(Daniel's POV) I was kissing Maya! Fricking Maya Anderson! My crush! Damn! Even though it was forced, we were still at it when Bianca left. Maya started to unbutton my shirt until...

Corbyn: « Hey Dani... OMGG!! MY EYES!! » He waves his hands in the air and was running. Maya and I pulled away. Corbyn ran inside and sat on the couch. Maya looked at me. Maya: « Interesting way to start the day. » Daniel: « *laughs* Yeah. » Maya: « How about we keep that between us... and Corbyn. *laughs* »

Daniel: « Okay. » And with that, we went inside not noticing that we were holding hands. When we came in, Jonah looked at our hands and widened his eyes. I quickly let go before anyone else noticed.

(My POV) Zach: « Ready to swim? » Everyone: « Yeah. » We all ran to the back of the house. The boys were already in their suits, so they all jumped in except Daniel and me. Daniel had a shirt and I had a coverup. As I was taking off my coverup, I saw that Daniel and Jack were staring at me. Maya: « What?! »

Daniel got out of his trance and shook his head. Daniel: « Oh, ummm... Nothing. » Maya: « Mmmh. » I jumped in the pool with Daniel quickly behind me. [A couple hours later] It was 4:30 when we got out of the pool. I changed into the clothes that I brought. We were all chiling on the couch until...

(Jonah's POV) Zach suggested to play Truth or Dare. Of course, everyone said yes. Daniel and Maya have been more touchy lately. I noticed they were sitting together and Daniel had his hand on Maya's thigh. Once we started, there was no going back. Zach was first.

Jack: « Truth or Dare Zach? » Zach: « Dare. » Jack: « I dare you to text Bianca and say that you like her. » Zach: « No. I'm not gonna text that crazy girl. » Corbyn: « You have to do it. » Daniel was silent the whole time. Zach: « Fine. *rolls eyes* » He texted her. His phone kept blowing up like crazy after, but he ignored it.

It was Maya's turn and I didn't have a good feeling about this one...

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