In the cold dark
In the cold dark dark stories

brian254 My one chance at life.
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True story

In the cold dark

by brian254

I had good neighbors, friendly and warm. But two touched my heart. Both were smart and hardworking. but one was weary in pain.

He was strong willed, but his body was weak 3 years ago he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I saw him, in the dark I heard him walking in the cold dark

3 months ago he was diagnosed with rheumatism for walking in the cold - but the walk relieved the pain.

The second, younger, may his soul rest in eternal peace - was bold and strong willed. That tragic night, he heard him. No, he heard them In the cold dark.

Bold him, He walked into the cold dark... Yes, he was shot, I heard it, or was he? It scraped his finger.

Bold him, He would get well, so we thought. 3 weeks ago, He made it to the clinic, but not out Today we bury him Tragic.

That night, I heard him, In the cold dark. 3 years chronic pain. But death does not pick sides In this world we live in.

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