My Friendship with the Fat Jew
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My Friendship with the Fat Jew

by Bobby Waltzer

He's Funny

The Fat Jew is one of the funnier people I've ever met. His jokes and facial expressions on his emoji are indicative of that.

Tattoo Gun

Years ago, he bought me a tattoo gun and in return I've given him all his mediocre tattoos - we get drunk and I give him questionable tattoos.

Some Tattoos

The infamous money pizza respect design is from a tattoo I gave him. There is one that's just a plate of spaghetti that says mom's spaghetti, neither of us remember why we did that one.

I've seen his dick more times than I can remember.


Internet Love

He loves the internet, so it works that he is an advisor for my company Hi-Art, a social network for gifs and emoji packs.

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Let us know if you like his emoji at