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Oliver's ready to take the next step.

I'm Ready

Oliver walks into the master bedroom, bare chest and fresh from a shower. On the bed is Felicity engrossed in her computer. Memories from tonight consume his mind.

The little girl with crystal blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, left a major impression.

The way she relaxed in his arms when he saved her, made him feel something he’d never felt before. Her eyes showing nothing but trust, stirred something deep within him.

But the most evident part of the night was the pang in his heart when he had to return her to her mother.

Coming back to the present, Felicity still hadn’t moved an inch.

“How could you possibly be doing work after the night we just had?”

When she doesn’t answer, he joins her on the bed.

“Hey” he says waving his hand in front of her face.

“What?” she asks still distracted.

“What happened, to no work in bed?”

“Well, it needs to get done and it’s not gonna do itself.”

“Says the same woman who made the rule.”

When she still doesn’t look like stopping, he hovers his hand over the tablet.

“Ok, ok, shutting off.”

When the screen goes black, he snatches it out of her hands and raises it high above his head.

“Hey! I turned it off. Give it back” She climbs around him and finally grabs it. When it’s safely in her hands she falls into his lap, and their foreheads touch.

They stay like this for a moment, breathing the same air.

Breaking eye contact first, Felicity slowly climbs off of him and lays her device on the night stand. As she does

this, Oliver sits up and builds up his courage.

“Can we talk?”

Turning around, she meets his eye.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I want to have a baby”

Her eyes bulge, “What?”

Shaking her head, she tries to process what he just said. “Where is this coming from?”

“Tonight, when I saved that little girl, I just, I don’t know, I felt content and it felt right.”


“Look, I know we said we would talk about it when we were ready, and I’m ready.”

Facing his body towards her, he takes her face in between his palms.

“We’re in a good place. The company’s striving, William’s doing well, we’re happy. I’m ready Felicity.”

She bites her lower lip at the intense look he’s giving her.

“The question is, are you?”

“I mean, it hasn’t not crossed my mind. I just didn’t think later and the future would be now.”

He changes his position to where he’s sitting in front of her. “Look I know it’s sudden but, we knew this was the

next step, expanding our family. I mean can you imagine little footsteps pattering all across the hardwood floors.”

She looks deep in his eyes, looking for any sort of doubt, but she’s coming up empty.

“Are you sure? Oliver a baby is a lot of responsibility and very time consuming and…”

He takes her hands in his and brings them to his lips. “Yes, I’m sure. I want to have a little mini you to hold and tell bedtime stories to.”

“What if it’s a boy?”

“Then I still get to read him bedtime stories and play with him. The only difference is, we would definitely

outnumber you.”

“I’m not worried, I can hold my own.”

He grins widely at the comment. “So, is that a yes?”

“I mean… we’re going to have to get a bigger place, and child-proof, EVERYTHING and…”

He kisses her on the lips passionately, as he interrupts her babble. When he pulls back, her eyes flutter open.

“So, we’re having a baby?” He asks already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, we’re having a baby.”

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