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a love story with an ending

chasing space


we would run through life a bit too fast, and here there are two stars to follow.

we take the time we feel is ours, but it is here where our love devours.

star struck eyes fall on every galaxy, a promise to you that this is right.

nothing more and nothing less. just a simple fix for beating hearts.

stealing space for a start, and only adding time to this love story shopping kart.

we know this love feels just so right. the sunrises would become an end to our time, we wanted the nights.

but those too became just dark. salty eyes mixed with caffeine highs.

i did not want to run, it would be a lie. we both know a girl is a gun. it was nothing i could escape.

her looks were fierce and a mind of fun mystery.

lost in translation this was no longer a sensation. for either of us.

borrowing what time we could, we would hide anything else we thought we should.

this isn't us, we think, we have a different plan.

now the mediocrity you see in me is okay, because its become who i now am.

just another boy to you, unsatisfied in life that will only speak in strife.

you want more than this, but can't seem to help us. and neither can i.

for now, let me sit back and watch you put on a show.

you asked if you've changed, as if you don't already know. which seems like for everyone but me.

ignore that, you've done it well. maybe you just grew up and i didn't change.

you noticed our hourglass is empty and i couldn't shake it. maybe i'm that boy that could just never make it.

chasing the space that is where this all started, now look me, just the boy that is still broken-hearted.

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