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Revel in One A Day

by BrendonGarner

One Mission

1. Every day, focus on one mission to tackle. 2. From that mission, find each task you need to complete it.

One Mission

3. From those tasks, choose the ones you know you can complete that day 4. Add one you’ll reach hard for.

Key Values

Focus on a Value Add mission Focus on something you want to do Avoid ‘Fake Work’ i.e. working to work Think Critically about your tasks Focus on progress, not finish lines Get feedback every day

Here's mine: Convert Launch Checklist to Action Plan

Here's some of the tasks I need to do: 1) Review Checklist 2) Update Status’s 3) Review & Assign Responsibilities 4) Move to easily digestible plan 5) Present to team for Feedback

My 'Today'

To knock off today: Review Checklist Update Status’s Review & Assign Responsibilities Saved for tomorrow: Move to easily digestible plan Present to team for feedback

Make it work for you

Each day, at the end of the day when you want to run out the door, reflect. Review how you did compared to what you set out to do. Take the next step no matter how big or small that step is

Revel in One a day

Think about the next day, and how you can work to accomplish your mission. Wax on, Wax off ;)

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