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Written in conjunction with "Cuddling with a Memory" and "Bliss in Ignorance". Written at a time, in a lot less of a healthy state, I wrote about what I was willing to do for someone that was very dear to me. What is written here doesn't entirely accurately represent how I feel now, but the love of that person is still present.

Your Fool

Use me however you want

It doesn’t matter how

Just let me know

I hold value to you

Walk on me all you please

I’d gladly be your doormat

Wipe your grime and filth on me

If it allows your radiance to shine through

Unload your sins onto me

And let me carry your baggage

If it will lighten your load

I’ll carry your burdens with a smile

Make me your stepping stone

If I can be your tool

To take you to a better place

Than I am content

I wait here at your disposal

You can use me however you like

Because being your trash

Means at least I’m yours

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