Melancholy Melody
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While written at a different time than "Your Fool," "Bliss in Ignorance," and "Cuddling with a Memory" it is about about the same period, and the same person. Like, "Bliss In Ignorance" it is written while listening to a specific song, the influence should be obvious.

Melancholy Melody

When you came

I wanted everything

To reflect on that song

And it did

Such a blissful melody

Outlining the most

Simple and delightful evening

Spent perfectly with you

I watched you apply your makeup

Like paint to an already perfect canvas

Brushing out your hair

Silky, brunette layers cascading out

I sat there amazed

Helpless to stare in awe

That such a beautiful being

Stood there in my presence

We arrived to the party

Everyone’s heads turned to you

To witness the elegance

That I had my arm around

I looked on as you made friends

With people you never knew before

Amazed at your personable grace

Stunned at the gem accompanying me

Time passed and we departed

Cigarettes and kisses were shared

As we stood waiting

For our ride to deliver us home

We prepared to settle for the night

And now that the night came to a close

I had to share the song

That paralleled this perfect evening

As the song begins to play

As the first measures eminatted

You confide in me

Anxiety and despair are linked to the tune

I halted the player

And climbed into bed

Wrapping you in my arms

Happy to be there with you

Now that you are gone

A once enchanted lullaby

Leaves me with melancholy

Now. a troublesome anthem for the both of us

When you came

I wanted everything

To reflect on that song

And it did

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