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twisted fairy tale.

black & white

once upon a time-

there was a prince.

and there was a princess.

the prince rode to the princess' castle

and wiped her tears

for her parents had died in the night.

he took her broken pieces and stitched them back together.

the princess raised her head

put on her best gown-

a deep blood-red silky thing-

and went to marry the prince

as the people wished-

for she was a young and silly thing

sick with romance.

but she searched the entire castle

with it's lilac walls and ivy towers

rotting boards and winding stairs

but she could not find the prince.

so she downed a hundred glasses of wine

and a hundred tears she shed.

at last the pendulums chimed midnight

and she stumbled upon

a darkened room

she could not remember ever seeing

in her drunken



so howled from the prickled shadows

a screaming hideous creature

reaching for the ragged hem of her blood-red gown

with stained claws and mildew eyes.

my pretty-

said the monster.

my darling-

my lovely-

my sweet-

the monster licked it's dripping maw

and reached for her again.

but the princess

was really not such a young and silly thing

she had seen wars and saved lives

and killed thousands with her warrior wrath

she shook the pins from her crow black hair


against her snowy skin

downturned her bloody lips

and narrowed her ice blue eyes.

for some

are not just flesh and bone

but made of something else


like river water and red thread

and the princess

stitched together by monster's paws

a fearsome doll

only said a word

and the monster prince

crumbled to ash.

so she climbed the winding stairs

to her amber balcony

proclaiming the death of the monster

the loss of her lover-

and the crowds cheered.

cheering still

as she left.


back to her lilac tower

with ivy walls.

undoing her stitches

and red thread.

spilling her river water-

which dripped through the cracks


the servant below

who roared-

sprouted velvet fur

and a rotting maw.

she slammed her fists on the walls

and a maid grew wings.

she shook

and the joker wept.

the princess wiped her own tears

tied herself together

knots and all

wrapped herself in a ragged onyx cloak

cut her hair

and left

stalking to the west

a predator

hunting the dusk.

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