News~ Wednesday, April 14th, 2021
News~ Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 news stories

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Hello Newsies!

News~ Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Hello Newsies! Welcome back to breaking news!

Today's daily prompt is... melon! Here's what our daily prompt reaction committee had to say:

@inkdragon: Watermelon, Airmelon, Firemelon, Earthmelon... the Elemelons!

@forsakenwell: the melon-pult from Plants vs. Zombies!

@notanauthor: Looks like it'd be hard to write a story for it... a summer picnic with watermelons!

Who are the favorites on the showcase?

@sisay's favorite for the prompt 'yak' is 'Yakking Voices by @stevewaldrop! He commented, "the wording really sucked me in."

@autumn63's favorite was 'Why do I Write' by @lady_animal although she points out "it was very hard to choose"!

Trending today, we have:

I'M NOT DEAD (also i have an idea, please read) by @luxeish

It Hurts-Stealing on Commaful by @stitchastory

you think? by @elleseng

Comma Gossip

@writernotfound has done a face reveal! @alostwriter has done a name, gender, and age reveal!


The answer to the riddle will be given tomorrow! If you're interested in joining the riddling committee, send a DM!

Question of the Day!

What's your favorite time of day?

That's all, thanks for tuning in!

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