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brandonpeatman Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   8 months ago
Draft of a poem I've been working on.
Let me know if you have any critiques or ideas

- YOU-

Have I ever spoken about You?

I’m not quite sure where You came from,

but You’ve been with me for a year now.

I think I was happy before,

before You introduced Yourself into my life.

You forced me to see the world differently,

became the causation of my distance from humanity.

I don’t want You.

At first I thought it would be ok,

that I was strong, that we could live together,

but I did not invite You.

You are an unwelcomed guest into my life.

And every time I think I’m putting up a good fight, You comes back stronger,

beat me close to death,

leave me begging for salvation.

I don’t want to live with You anymore.

I would say I feel numb, but that would involve feelings,

A concept that is all but a fantasy to me now.

Why did You do this to me?

You have been a parasite to my emotion.

A leech that has consumed my perception of happiness.

I guess it’s my fault really.

I let You into my life,

I was not strong enough to ask You to leave.

Are You pleased with Yourself?

You have taken everything,

extracted every last ounce of my being.

I am nothing.

You have made me nothing.

The bullet is my life and I am the empty casing,

discarded and left behind by society.

And You are the one that pulled the trigger.

I’m struggling to sleep again.

There was a brief period I thought I was free.

That I had won, escaped from the dungeon You had imprisoned me in.

But You are an infection,

and this infection has come back stronger.

I can’t fight this anymore,

I can’t fight You.

I lose.

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