Never Meant To Be

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brandonbrown Community member
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When your feelings for someone else aren't shared, you can find yourself regretting every decision you made with them in mind. Some things are just Never Meant To Be.

Never Meant To Be

It stings to open my closet door and see that outfit hanging there, My carefully selected attire that I never got to wear. It hurts to view the tidy room I cleaned the day before, When no one came to visit and see my spotless carpet floor.

I sigh at my reflection because it shows I really tried, With my face clean, hair kept, and blemishes I tried to hide. I pay a toll of sadness when I step inside my car, Because despite a full tank of gas I never traveled to where you are.

So I wrinkle my clothes and dirty my room all out of spite. I smear my mirrors and drive endlessly into the darkness of the night. I prepared to succeed, yet succeeded at failing and somehow couldn't see That my countless preparations were wasted on something never meant to be.

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