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First Kiss isn't always a pleasing memory

Thank you

Thank you for giving me my first kiss

Although it was unexpected and surprising, it made me realise how dangerous people can be

It was just an experience for you but it made a mess of me and you continued using my lips as a getaway

And I allowed it, even though I never liked it, I allowed it

I began to smoke, inhaled poison and let it into my lungs, just to get you to stop and be disgusted of me

But that didn't stop you, it wasn't enough

I started seeing someone else, and I let you know about her but that didn't matter to you

I didn't understand at first, confusion filled my head

"I love you" I never heard those three words come out your mouth, then why?

Was it because I was different? Was it because you didn't receive a rejection for something you wanted?

Someone you can kiss just to pass time

At first, I didn't realize that I was just an equipment to you but when the day finally came, when the truth was revealed to me, I received my first heartbreak

So thank you

Thank you for introducing me to the poison that I can't let go of now

Thank you for teaching me to be careful of the people around me

Thank you for showing me how feelings can be dangerous, thus I chose solitude for my heart

Thank you for the mess you made in me

Thank you for the darkness you made me live in for years

Thank you for being the reason I left my hometown and began a new life

You were a lesson I'll never forget

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