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She's a masterpiece


All it took was a smile followed by a laugh. The sunlight hit her face and she shone brighter

Never knew who she was but I wanted to know all she was, discover the secrets hidden within, be a part of her life

We talked, and with every word she spoke, I fell. I fell hard for her. She was art, filled with emotions. She was poetry, filled with words

She never noticed the I way I'd look into her dreamy eyes, like the world just disappears and all I had left were these eyes to look into, almost like stargazing because she had an entire galaxy trapped in her eyes

Strangers to friends, short converstations to long ones till midnight, talking about life, books, music... love

She would speak her mind freely, spilling all her thoughts on me, all her beliefs and disbeliefs, her agreements and disagreements

I loved her mind, her thoughts, the words she'd use to express what cannot be put into words. She simply had her way with words

We had similar taste in music, we'd recommend songs and I end up playing her songs on repeat through the day

Now, after four Months, our chats are still the same, random, weird, thoughts ... romance

The stranger that became my friend turned out to be the one I've always been longing for

She became my everything and I became her all

She helped me find peace in a lifetime of war. She made me see the beauty in everything around me. She made me believe that true love exist and once it's found, you don't let it go.

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