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box_child_16I'm just a lil' box with arms ;)
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This stuff has happened to me, and is still happening. I need to get my thoughts out to people.


Everyday I say to myself

"Hey, Verity, why don't you try to be normal today, huh?"

And it never happens.

I get picked on because i'm apparently 'Fat'

Or because 'I hang out with weird people'

Or because my 'My name is strange and old-fashioned'

Every single person always finds some way to upset me

And I just accept it.

I shouldn't

I know i shouldn't

But I do, and its not right.

The other day, I was on a computer at school,

And two girls on the other side of the room started laughing at me.

I don't know why i'm so hilarious to people

I don't know why i get bullied

But it needs to be stopped.

(This is based on true events which happened to me)

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