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Well, over here, I told my own thoughts/feelings for my country. It's not the way as it's shown. You can feel free to give your owns thoughts as long as they are not hateful or controversial.

The Land of Pure

by bottlingmagic

"Everything has beauty - but not everyone sees it".

That's the line my country deserves.

There's so much yet to be discovered.

The people, lifestyle, the rural areas, the food.

I promise it'll be amazing, and worth your time.

The media shows Pakistan in a very bad way, I must say.

Although, you might be scared to come here.

But before coming here get your doubts cleared.

Because once you come there's no going back.

You'll fall in love with every single thing.

It's not that I'm bragging but that's the fact.

The language, the locals, the extraordinary food, the malls

The current situation and the disputes going on can be tough

But we stand tall and face it all

...Because, that's what Pakistanis do?

Love every tourist that comes by and makes them fall in love

The sight-seeings, there's so much more.

Infact there's so much to discover that it might be endless.

Pakistan is heaven on Earth, truly.

You don't need a ticket to Heaven,

When you already have one on Earth.

We may be poor but we're extremely talented.

Again, not bragging.

What appears strange and complex becomes stranger and more complicated once you begin to investigate it. That's the true nature of the world.

Proud Pakistani. Pakistan Zindabad.

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