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One and only, first and last

My First & Last

by bottlingmagic

Since, you were the first one I fell in love with.

I don't want anyone else to come in my life.

Nor will I let them enter through my walls.

Because those walls, which are guarded by your love

Can only let enter you...

Because my love is limited for any other person...

And unlimited for you

Even if we leave each other in the long run

Just so you remember, I promise not to accept others

Even if we break up, my love for you will be unconditional

Without any conditions I want you to love me like you do

My skin needs your touch, only yours.

You had betrayed me but not my heart

So I promise, that you will always be my first and last

No matter what, even a person has a fucking problem with it

Keep in mind, I never had & never will betray you.

Because my love for you knows no bounds.

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