Love is a State of Mind
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Love is a State of mind. You can control it but you can never fake love.

Love is a State of Mind

by bottlingmagic


Love: a strong feeling of affection.

That's what Google says.

In my dictionary, love is different.

Love is the little things you do for a person,

Love is when you feel secure with the person,

Love happens when you trust someone

Love can also be given to strangers,

Love happens when you become fond of the person

Love is when you care

Love can be anything and everything!

It doesn't need to be practised

Because it can happen at any time!

You don't show the love, you feel it, it's all natural.

Love is basically the small things you do for a person

You cannot fake love, if you do then you are faking your own self. You are misguiding yourself. Nobody deserves fake love, love is natural.

They say, "Love is referred to as an emotion".

What I think is love is a state of mind that involves emotions, but is not an emotion in itself.

Feel the love, it's all around you.

Love at first sight?

I strongly disagree with it. You can love someone but not at the first time. Knowing people takes time you never know when they change. The change can be bad or good. You never know.

It is wise to judge people after spending time with them and it is foolish to judge at the first sight.

The person can be different at first but slowly change.

Don't fall in the trap, think before you finally fall.

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