A Letter to My Late Girlfriend
A Letter to My Late Girlfriend boyfriend stories

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Is it too late now to say sorry, Eleanor?

A Letter to My Late Girlfriend

by bottlingmagic

Dear Eleanor,

I am truly sorry for the pain I caused

Sorry for being a jerk, a liar and most importantly not being a good boyfriend that you actually deserved.

Eleanor, I miss you every fucking day. You could have given me a chance.

But what you did was right, people like me don't stand a chance.

I remember all the things we did but what really hit me hard was you stayed - all long.

When I think about starting over, I feel guilty.

If I wasn't a good boyfriend to you then how come would I be to the other girls?

I don't want to ruin their lives with my jerkface attitude.

You are not any ordinary girl, Eleanor.

You have a beauty in seeing the good in the broken.

I'm sorry because of me you took your life.

You didn't deserve any of this.


I love you.

I'll keep on loving you because you are the girl a boy could never stop loving.

Your voice is stuck in my head, those fights we had all of them went down the water.

I'm sorry I couldn't show the love I had for you.

But now I regret, I should have shown you when I had the chance.


I'm just living my life waiting for Karma to happen, if that's the only way.

Yours Lovingly,

Harry x

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