I Could Finally Breathe
I Could Finally Breathe breath stories

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We were on the edge of something beautiful when you drowned me.

I Could Finally Breathe

by bottlingmagic

We were both young when I first saw you,

You came by and said hello.

I was obviously shocked to see the boy

Who I had been staring at for the past twelve years finally comes to me.

One day you asked me out which I said yes to.

But the other day, there was no trace of you,

Can you imagine how I felt?

It felt like someone had ripped my heart in two.

You took away my happiness,

That's when I started keeping a journal.

I wished everyday, you would come but then one day

You finally came but you weren't alone...

You were with my bestfriend; making out.

Hung my head as I lost the war,

But wait a war is fought by two?

It was just me fighting with myself,

You filled the void of my heart but no longer.

But then it occurred me

You don’t need a prince charming for your happy ending.

That's when I realized

I'm finally clean

After a long battle it was me who won

I found myself and that's the greatest treasure, I'll forever cherish.

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