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Something left being unsaid is better than being said to the person

Confession 101

by bottlingmagic

We all do have a confession...

Which is still left to be confessed

As every human being has one, so why not me?

Well it's about a boy who I like

You see we were bestfriends and also were a part of a trio

One day, I heard him talking to his mate about my friend

I already had sensed the way he talked about her but I confined it to myself and believed it was nothing

I then told my friend about it

She was like, "No, really?"

Days passed when I finally told him

About the conversation I heard between him and his friend

He was like, "Yeah, she's my crush and I like her".

He continued, "I could do anything for her". Trying to become a man as possible he could.

It was like crushing your bestfriend

Who happens to be a part of your trio

He told me 'how he liked her', 'the qualities she possesses'

I was not torn because he didn't like me because he was actually being friend of a girl who is a completely a drama queen for me.

But anyways I told him 'I'll make sure she doesn't know'

I didn't understand the most part of it because it wouldn't make sense to me so I asked her

She told me about how if you crush someone who happens to be your bestfriend almost tears apart the friendship, equal to use the person by just being friend

I talked to him about her only because that only made him

To talk to me.

He kind of also seemed to be interested in the conversation

Time passed by, he went to the States and the two of us were here continuing our studies.

I tried to cover up the bitter truth by saying

"He's like a big brother to me".

Deep down he was not

I don't know if she liked him back because she never really expressed her feelings for him.

But lying doesn't take you anywhere

No matter how much you lie about the truth you always have to face the consequences.

I do like him though but I'm sure

That I would never really express my liking towards him to anyone.

But here I am, telling you people. Let it be a secret.

Let it be a confession that's not at all ready to be confessed yet.

I know if I tell her wouldn't really break her heart

Because something being unsaid is better than being said

Plus, I don't want to break this friendship

Don't let the secret go out because I don't want him to be mad at me

That's the last thing I would do

Thank you for reading my Confession 101

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